Om Gupta

Om GuptaProf. Om Gupta

Director, Hindi Center 


With more than 40 years of experience, Om Gupta is a noted journalist and mass media professional. Before joining Hindi Center as Director and Mentor, Mr. Gupta served as Dean for four leading Media and Management Schools in India. Mr. Gupta started his media career with India Today, and also worked for Times of India, Indian Express and Pioneer group of publications in senior positions till 2004. 


Mr. Gupta has published 23 books in Hindi and English on various themes related to mass media and training. A few of the well-known books are: मीडिया और सृजन, मीडिया और समाचार, मीडिया और विचार, मेरे पंद्रह नाटक, Media Writing, Diplomacy, G-15 etc.  In addition, he regularly writes plays, anthologies and organizes training programs on Mass Media in Hindi and English.


Mr. Gupta also has directed many TV shows and documentary films including पूर्वी वसंती, धूप की लकीरें, जल, एक मूलभूत अधिकार etc. 


Mr. Gupta has also worked as literary translator and has translated Cien años de soledad” by the noble laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and other books such as चीनी लोक कथाएँ etc. Mr. Gupta is passanate about promoting Hindi journalism.

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