Hindi Learning: new opportunities for Southern India

Our new Government led by Shri.Narendra Modi has given us great hope and we can look forward to many fresh developments under his leadership that would make India stand apart. The following three points may be taken into consideration while looking at Indian multilingualism:Uma-Balu

Unity in Diversity

It is a great relief to see that the importance of communication has finally been understood and initiatives are being taken on these lines. Our vision of India is a united nation free from cultural and linguistic barriers. There is a real need for language and cultural exchange programs within the country, where so many dialects coexist with the regional tongues – an important step towards bringing our people together.

All Indians should get equal opportunity to learn the language or dialect of their choice and special programs need to be created with this purpose in mind. Study materials should be made freely available and affordable.

Hindi Needs more attention

There is lack of opportunity in South India for learning spoken Hindi. Academic learning gets us the certification; but the communication part still lags behind. Even those offering such courses are not native speakers. Exploiting this situation, new business ideas have come up – one institute charges as much as Rs.70,000 for a three-level spoken Hindi program! This is an era where foreigners living in India have started learning our regional languages to enhance their local communication skills – and it is high time we took an initiative in this regard.

Multilingualism in India

Each citizen of India should have three-level proficiency – regional, national and global. At the regional level, we have our own state languages. At the national level, we have Hindi as the link language. For global communication, there are two sub-levels: English, which has been our link language for years. Besides, the knowledge of an additional foreign language (European or Asian) multiplies opportunities in different fields. Our government should take a solid step to stress the importance of communication, the advantages of multi-lingual skills and also design programs open to all. India would soon become a hub of linguistic and cultural activity! 

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