Importance of Devanagari Script for Hindi

Importance of Devanagari Script for Hindi

Some people have already destroyed Sanskrit language, the mother of Indo-European group of languages but thanks to Universities of United States of America and Europe who have kept it alive and are making tremendous efforts to rescue it from extinction. brigSurendra MohanSanskrit may be a bruised and traumatized language of India but it survived through the great efforts of Hastings, Roman Rolland, AL Basham, Emerson, Max Mueller and whole lot of visionary of west and few institutions of India. We have people who are hell bent to destroy India and its voice, the Hindi. Hindi and Devanagari script is a great civilization in itself. Its ancient and current literature has not been given its due by our own people. Critically going through the literary content, Hindi writers, Hindi Translators and literature deserves at least 50 Noble Prizes, one only has to read Munshi Prem Chand, Nirala, and numerous other Hindi writers of prose and poems.


Today Hindi remains only imprint of bygone Sanskrit. Many attempts have been made in past by certain elements hostile to India's unity to create confusion and confrontation in country for reasons best known to them.


Changing script of Hindi to Roman script would be something like changing the skin of your own mother. But some people do become irrelevant in their appreciation of letters and culture.


Just acquiring skill of expression in a great and wonderful language like English does not give a person authority to spread falsehood and inflicting damage to mother tongue of millions. Hindi is a language of vast multitude of poor masses whose only mode of communication is Devanagari of Hindi script. The author of Roman ism must apprise himself of the linguistic virtues of not only English but also must apply his mind to countless native dialects and languages besides taking a lessons in German and a few European languages which have surprising bond with Sanskrit. Just because of inability to benefit out of Hindi, one should not try to deprive poor Indian masses of their attachments to its life giver mother the Devanagari of Hindi.

"Adopt Roman script for Hindi"  used to be an old war cry of those who were hostile to India's freedom struggle and succeeded in dividing the country and also wanted to inflict injury to India's ancient religious traditions. Tomorrow someone will come out with a motive to change the script of other Indian languages too. Credentials of those who want us to deface our mother appear to be motivated by some designs certainly bad and devoid of humanly tastes of culture and inspired by not so good thoughtful minds. Hindi should not be made whipped boy for hostile political designs and subversive elements.



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